Keeping Puerto Escondido Beautiful: How to Practice Responsible Tourism

by | Apr 12, 2023

Puerto Escondido was “undiscovered” by the masses for a long time. Those of us who knew it during that time anxiously awaited for the rest of the world to find this little slice of paradise. And then came the pandemic. 

Mexico kept its borders open and its restrictions lighter than in many other countries. For that reason, travelers flocked here. However, many towns were not ready for such a big boom in the tourist industry so quickly. Puerto Escondido was one of those places. Currently, the local community is suffering some of those damaging effects such as unaffordable rents and drainage issues. 

While we love having an expanding tourist industry, it’s important that we grow in the right way. As a tour agency, we find it of utmost importance to promote and practice responsible tourism. But, what exactly does responsible tourism mean and how can you support us in these efforts?

rock arch at beach in puerto escondido
Surfer at Beach in Puerto Escondido
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carrizalillo beach surf puerto escondido

Responsible tourism meaning

To understand responsible tourism, we must first define sustainable tourism. You’ve likely heard these terms used interchangeably, however, they are different. 


Sustainable tourism aims to minimize the negative impacts of tourism while maximizing the positive. Negative impacts may refer to overcrowding, economic leakage (money spent on holiday that doesn’t benefit or reach the local community), or damaging the natural environment. 

Positive impacts are basically the opposite such as preserving the natural ecology and culture and job creation.


Responsible tourism refers to actions and behaviors that individuals take in order to practice sustainable tourism. Ideally, responsible tourism looks to leave a place better than you found it. So, how exactly can you be a responsible tourist?

How to be a responsible traveler revealed in its Sustainable Travel Report 2022 that more people than ever are trying to practice responsible tourism by supporting sustainable choices. In fact, 71% of travelers want to make more of an effort to travel sustainably in the next year. 


So, we’ve compiled three tips to help you travel responsibly. 


Research local traditions and customs

Before you travel to a new place, do some research on the local culture. Try to learn some useful phrases in the local language so that you can better connect to the community. 


Learn about the local traditions, foods, customs, and history in order to truly experience the place. Rather than judging the local way, respect it and learn about it. It can be different to adjust to different ways of living, however, that is part of the joy of traveling. Don’t be critical of the local community. Travel with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Buy Local

More than just a hip hashtag, buying local is a sustainable practice that should be practiced at home and while traveling. Tourism can have a huge positive impact on the local community when done responsibly. 


Support the local economy by hiring local guides, staying in sustainable accommodations, paying fair prices for local artisanal goods, and going to local businesses. 

Respect the nature 

Protecting the planet is now more important than ever, especially in Puerto Escondido. Be mindful to never leave your trash on the beach. Leave the place better than it was by picking up any trash you may see. 


Always respect the local wildlife and don’t support businesses that exploit it. Be mindful of your water and energy consumption. And always try to cut back your carbon footprint by planning your transit. 

whale in ocean near boat of tourists in puerto escondido
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Appreciate paradise

Puerto Escondido is a beautiful and magical place. It’s important to keep it that way by respecting and appreciating the environment that’s allowing you to have such a wonderful vacation.  


Responsible tourism certainly doesn’t have to be a chore. Start by practicing the three simple tips we’ve listed and go from there. We’re so happy that you’re able to enjoy the local nature and culture that Puerto Escondido offers its visitors. Help us keep this not-so-hidden paradise beautiful by traveling responsibly.

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