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Puerto Escondido is such a magical part of the world. We are blessed with a treasure trove of natural wonders. We’ve got beautiful sandy beaches, with both calm bays and surf-ready waters alike. We have delicious local food, thanks to the abundance of natural resources that surrounds us. And not a day goes by here at Eco Adventures where we don’t wake up grateful for this abundance of natural beauty.

But there is one gift we’ve been bestowed that far outweighs any other. And that is: whale watching. Whale watching in Puerto Escondido is a breathtaking experience. Between the months of November and March, we get to witness the grandeur and grace of these astounding ocean creatures.

At Eco Adventures, we relish the opportunity to help make your whale watching dreams come true. And, not only that, we pride ourselves on taking the precautionary measures necessary to ensure that this once-in-a-lifetime experience is as ethical as it is breathtaking.


Why Is Ethical Tourism Important?


If we wish to preserve the natural beauty that attracts tourists to this part of the world, then it is vital that we protect it. If we fail to do so, then whale watching in Puerto Escondido will become a thing of the past.

As such, it is in the interest of locals and tourists alike to protect Puerto Escondido, its delicate ecosystem, its landscape and its wildlife.

Contrary to popular opinion, tourism does not have to be bad for the environment. In fact, tourism can do the exact opposite, and make waves for sustainability. By choosing local businesses, eco-friendly tour operators – such as Eco Adventures – and getting involved in local initiatives, tourists can really help to protect biodiversity while enjoying nature’s magnificent gifts.


The Consequences of Irresponsible Tourism


When a whale watching tour is not handled responsibly, these beautiful creatures can of course be put in danger. When boats get too close, move too fast or crowd around whales in large groups, the whales can become stressed and confused.

The repercussions of this can be serious. If whales don’t feel safe, it can have long-term consequences on their well-being and their behavior patterns such as their feeding, migration, and breeding.

At Eco Adventures, we understand the huge responsibility that comes with the privilege of receiving these majestic visitors in our waters each year. We are dedicated to sustainable tourism in Puerto Escondido and we conduct our whale watching tours with care.

But we would also like to spread the message that sustainable tourism practices are the responsibility of everyone in the area: tour operators, locals and tourists alike. We all have a duty of care to our beautiful planet.


How To Whale Watch Ethically In Puerto Escondido


So, how can you make sure that your whale watching experience in Puerto Escondido is an ethical one?

Your captain should keep a respectful distance

Boat-based whale watching exposes whales and dolphins to underwater noise, as well as the risk of injury from collision with the boat’s hull or propeller. Getting too close can also cause the whales stress. So, look out for whale watching tours that show their awareness of this fact.

Limit the time spent nearby

Our captains tend not to linger too long near the same whale or group of whales. This reduces the risk of the whales becoming stressed and is therefore better for their health.

Boat mindfully

Maintaining a slow speed and avoiding any sharp, sudden movements is important to reduce any disturbance to the whales.

Minimize interaction with whales

Our whale watching tours are exactly that: watching. The whales should not be interfered with and a safe distance should be kept at all times.

Speak out

If you notice behavior that may pose a risk to the whales, don’t be afraid to speak out, share the importance of eco-friendly practices with others and advocate for wildlife during your time in Puerto Escondido.

Always do your research

When booking whale watching in Puerto Escondido, make sure you check out your tour operator carefully. Do they clearly prioritize the health and safety of the local wildlife? As well as the health and safety of you, the tourist? Check reviews and do your due diligence to make sure that you’re watching the whales ethically and responsibly.


While these guidelines apply to whale watching, they are good guidelines for viewing any kind of marine life along the Mexican coast.


We recognize that the dolphins in Puerto Escondido are very playful and they often like to elicit interactions with boats and can approach boats to bow ride. If this happens, your captain should know to maintain a steady course of speed and to refrain from making any unpredictable movements.


Puerto Escondido is a paradise for observing oceanic wildlife and we wish to keep it this way. Let’s treat all sea creatures with the respect and care they so deserve. This way, they’ll keep gracing us with their presence and we can enjoy watching them for generations to come.