Table of Contents

  1. Best Local Food Along Zicatela and Brisas de Zicatela
    1. El Che Bichero
    2. La Ola Taquería
    3. El Cafecito
    4. Mezcalería Chávez
    5. La Takeria
  2. Best Food Around Bahía Puerto Escondido, Puerto Ángel and Carrizalillo
    1. Pepe’s Fish Tacos
    2. Puesto de Tacos y Tlayudas
    3. Metxcalli
    4. Restaurante El Curandero

Food isn’t just part of Oaxacan culture; food is Oaxaca’s culture.

So, it’s no surprise that one of the best ways to have an authentic experience in Puerto Escondido is to get stuck into the local Oaxacan food. But, how to find the best food in Puerto Escondido? And which really are the top restaurants in Oaxaca if you’re looking for quality and authenticity?

Well, fear not, because we’ve rounded up our favorite places to enjoy local fare in each area of Puerto Escondido. So you can eat happily in the knowledge that you’re there on good recommendation. 

Psst… this is our recommendations for people looking to sample the most authentic local and Mexican food in the area. Keep a close eye out for articles coming soon on vegan food in Puerto Escondido, the best cafés for digital nomads and where to enjoy the best night out.

Best Local Food Along Zicatela and Brisas de Zicatela


El Che Bichero

What can we say? El Che Bichero is a relatively new player on Zicatela’s restaurant scene. But we hope it’s here to stay! Their welcoming yet unassuming appearance belies the incredible quality and care that’s poured into every dish. If you’re looking for the freshest fish in Puerto Escondido, this might just be your place!

What’s on the menu? Well, just as you might expect: aguachile, sashimi, ceviche, oysters. Oh, and some of the most delicious mezcalitas in the area!


La Ola Taquería

Semi-hidden down a sandy alley leading to the beach, La Ola Taqueria is a great place to stop off for lunch or dinner. Not only do they do local food to chef’s kiss perfection, their huge portions are incredible value. Couple that with the very friendly service from the couple who run this small beach shack, and it can be hard to choose anywhere else.

What’s on the menu? Loaded tostadas, plus a delectable range of meat and fish tacos.


El Cafecito

El Cafecito is almost as old as Puerto Escondido itself. Established in 2006, it is practically an institution. Its dedicated team does a fantastic job of making everyone feel welcome even when the place is overflowing with people – which it often is! With its unbeatable beachfront location and a range of excellently-executed Mexican dishes, it’s no wonder the place has been going strong for so long!

What’s on the menu? Open from breakfast until dinner, there is something for everyone at El Cafecito: from juicy tortas, to huevos rancheros or plates piled high with shrimp.


Mezcalería Chávez

Just a stone’s throw from the beach in Brisas de Zicatela, check out Mezcalería Chávez for some seriously authentic tacos in Puerto Escondido. Huge ceramic pots sit on the bar’s countertop, full to the brim with guisado (stewed taco filling). Personally, we can’t think of any better accompaniment for their excellent range of mezcals. And this place is lauded for its buzzing atmosphere. If you’re looking for the best tacos de guisado in Puerto Escondido, don’t miss out.

What’s on the menu? Take your pick from chicharrón, beef and potatoes, pork with nopales (cactus leaf) and many more. All fresh and homemade. 


La Takeria

This tiny little taquería is as authentic as they come. Run by a friendly couple, tacos come just as they should: small but loaded and packed with flavor. And served on the customary plate covered with a plastic bag, of course. Meats sizzle away on the comal and their salsas pack a powerful punch. Prices are unbeatable for the area, too. Fantastic.

What’s on the menu? Proper taco classics! Suadero, longaniza (Mexican sausage), tripa (tripe), maciza… you get the vibe.


Best Food Around Bahía Puerto Escondido, Puerto Ángel and Carrizalillo


Pepe’s Fish Tacos

Simply stroll ten minutes from Bahía to sample some of the best fish tacos in Puerto Escondido. This no-frills joint is famous for its tasty and generous portions, and its laid back vibe. This rustic shack, favored by locals, also has great views across the sea – perfect for a chilled beer at sunset.

What’s on the menu? Check out their giant blackboard to see the fish of the day alongside usual classics like mahi mahi tacos, coconut shrimp and veggie tacos too!


Puesto de Tacos y Tlayudas

For a truly authentic Mexican food experience in Puerto Escondido, get yourself to this stand, where you can sample fantastic Mexican street food favorites. Famously cheap and delicious, you can order serving upon serving of tacos while you peruse the surrounding stalls.

What’s on the menu? Tacos al pastor, tlayudas (the Oaxacan staple!) with all types of filling and delicious agua fresca.



For a more sophisticated setting, head to Metxcalli. Expect kind service and in impeccable surroundings, with equally impressive dishes. Here, you can enjoy a range of Mexican food that has been prepared with love. Expect an attention to detail and, if so inclined, be prepared to learn a lot about mezcal here.

What’s on the menu? You can sample everything from mole to sopa azteca to aguachile, meat dishes and, of course, mezcal.


Restaurante El Curandero

You may feel hard pressed to go anywhere else once you’ve visited this place, which has some of the best and freshest seafood made to order. The restaurant is locals’ favorite and the service is in line with the type of Mexican hospitality you come to know and love once you’ve been in the country for a while.

It’s a 15-minute meander from Playa Manzanillo but the food is well worth the walk. Large portions of fish are piled high, teetering on the tops of tostadas or loaded tacos. Our advice? Go hungry.

What’s on the menu? Caldos (broths), fish, tostadas, fish cocktails, aguachile… basically, all the good stuff.

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